Financial Wellness

Let’s empower employees to feel confident.

We understand that financial concepts like debt, emergency savings, retirement readiness, and budgeting can seem challenging for many. This can leave employees feeling stressed because they do not know how to organize their finances. That’s why we have created a robust program to help employees feel supported and motivated—and help employers build a company culture of financial wellness.

Financial Wellness by MWM Retirement Solutions

Financial Wellness by MWM Retirement Solutions

We have worked diligently to develop an educational program that is designed to educate, guide, and support all your employees. We want to help employees develop their financial knowledge, understand the full benefit of their employer-sponsored retirement plan, and develop sound strategies for making wise financial decisions for today, tomorrow, and the long-term future.

Education is the key to success.

We know producing life-changing habits that improve financial well-being starts with reaching employees where they are. That’s why we engage with employees through a variety of mediums to ensure that we are addressing their personal learning styles and preferences.

In-Person and Web-Based Group Workshops

We take pride in our interactive presentations, each designed to deliver the most relevant information. We adjust and customize our group sessions to meet the individual needs of each client. Our diverse group sessions span the full spectrum of financial concerns, from building a budget to strategies for claiming Social Security, and more.

Individual Financial Coaching

We help select providers that most appropriately fit the needs of your business and employees, being mindful of the impact of fees on your plan’s performance.

Convenient Online Guidance

In addition to our in-person group sessions and individual financial coaching services, our financial wellness program is supplemented by our online guidance and support platform. This website provides advisor-backed resources and tools for employees to access at their leisure.

Set yourself up for a more carefree life.

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